Internet Speed Test Online

How to achieve more exact results? 

The internet connection performance can be influenced by many aspects . To help accomplish the most close test results, please try to practice these advices :

1) stop any software that you have running which can be associating to the internet.

2) Run this internet analysis at different times of the week .

Why we should check our bandwidth Connection?

Simple , to make sure that we are getting the full bandwidth of our subscription , that we are getting what we are pay for and to confirm that there aren’t any problem that can slow our internet connection .

How Does The Speed Test Work?

The speed test tool available on our website measure the necessary time to download and upload a pre made file based on that time , we can determine the average bandwidth by simply dividing the file size by the time !
So ,If you have a slow connection the necessary time will Increase and vice versa ….This tool doesn’t only measure your Internet speed ,but, also keeps a history for every user .So , If you run the test different days a week,and after comparing your history you can determine which day is the best for downloading large files for example and ensuring that you have the best bandwidth for that week .